Knowing when to divest from a sales prospect is probably one of the most important (and ongoing) things I continue to learn in business.  Whether you’re selling complex technology or a simple product, you’re eventually going to run across that would-be client who makes you wonder, “Is this a person I really want as a … More →

The boy who flew too close to the sun

The news in my world this week was dominated by Anthony Scaramucci. You know who he is so I’ll skip the background. But… I can’t help from mentioning this little factoid: In Italian theater, a scaramuccia is a menacing court jester who inevitably falls from grace.  Go figure. Anyway, Scaramucci lives less than 10 miles … More →

Happy New Year!  Now what?

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is really strange. Most people completely check out during this time of year. If they’re not physically checked out on vacation, they’re mentally checked out – as in, “Call me after the New Year because although I have nothing to do in my office this week, I can’t commit to … More →