Reg A is getting real (So, what’s next?)

Companies with a legitimate and growing business have a handful of good reasons to go public.  Namely, to use their stock as currency for acquisitions, to incentivize employees with monetizable options, and to gain a certain legitimacy amongst peers and competitors. But there’s really only one great reason to go public – and that’s to raise cash. … More →

Dogfooding my way to investors

True to form, I ate more of my own cooking last week when I launched a private placement to capitalize DealFlow Events, the business I spun out of DealFlow Media. How’d I launch the deal? Well, through email of course. For me, deciding to do a Rule 506(c) marketing campaign was a no brainer. I’ve had … More →

Considerations in operating a crowdfunding portal

Grant Harvey here, pitching in to share some thoughts on last week’s Crowdfunding Conference and spread a little knowledge for those who couldn’t make it to the event. The entire program along with the conference materials are included in the CFC16 Audio/Book Kit, which I used to summarize just one of over 20 panel discussions … More →

See you this week.

Overwhelmed? Yeah, me too… This was a crazy-busy week. The DealFlow team has been finalizing the logistical, programming, catering, and infinite other details for this week’s Crowdfunding Conference and getting a head start on new ideas we’ll be launching under the “DealFlow Events” flag in 2017. All week I kept thinking about something my dad … More →

Greed is good

It was midnight on Wednesday when I grabbed my TV’s remote to take my mind off work. I scrolled through a handful of movie channels and then hit on the classic “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas as the greedy, and greasy, Gordon Gekko. I was just in time for the “Greed is good” speech, which … More →