[Not] another bitcoin guru


It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog.  I’ve been busy with the usual… You know, working to pay off a mortgage and my kids’ education.  I’m sure you can relate. Anyway, it seems like since my last blog the world has gone crypto-ga-ga. So it’s probably fitting to begin with this: The … More →

What’s in a name?

On Monday, I attended the Online Lending Policy Summit in Washington, D.C. As the name implies, it’s an event for policy wonks that’s hosted by the Online Lending Policy Institute, a trade association with the admirable goal of bringing transparency to regulatory decisions affecting the online lending sector. Last year, their event was called the … More →



Every now and then I like to take a moment and consider my email. More to the point, I like to think about how my email helps paint the mosaic of trends that shape my opinion. So, in this week’s blog I thought I’d run through some of the notable emails that hit my inbox … More →

Are you building or buying your online deal platform?

Just prior to Chicken Soup Entertainment going public last week, I met with the company’s management and bankers at a restaurant a few miles from my office on Long Island.  I’d been hearing about the company (and their use of Reg A to go public) on WCBS 880 drive-time radio so it seemed like a … More →

Is that Freedom Rock? Well turn it up, man!

If there’s a one-word reason for why my blog’s been quiet recently, it’s “volume.” Deal volume, that is. As a guy who’s in the business of tracking deal activity, I want to be where the volume is. You got deals? Then I say turn it up, man! When I was blogging at the end of 2016, I was … More →