The boy who flew too close to the sun

The news in my world this week was dominated by Anthony Scaramucci. You know who he is so I’ll skip the background. But… I can’t help from mentioning this little factoid: In Italian theater, a scaramuccia is a menacing court jester who inevitably falls from grace.  Go figure. Anyway, Scaramucci lives less than 10 miles … More →

Reg A is getting real (So, what’s next?)

Companies with a legitimate and growing business have a handful of good reasons to go public.  Namely, to use their stock as currency for acquisitions, to incentivize employees with monetizable options, and to gain a certain legitimacy amongst peers and competitors. But there’s really only one great reason to go public – and that’s to raise cash. … More →

Is that Freedom Rock? Well turn it up, man!

If there’s a one-word reason for why my blog’s been quiet recently, it’s “volume.” Deal volume, that is. As a guy who’s in the business of tracking deal activity, I want to be where the volume is. You got deals? Then I say turn it up, man! When I was blogging at the end of 2016, I was … More →

Fighting the good fight in ‘17

This past Sunday as I was lying in bed recovering from New Year’s Eve, I got a call from my dad. It was a typical New Year’s greeting where he gave me some movie suggestions for the weekend and told me what he did to celebrate the holiday. I did New Year’s at a local … More →

WTF is Crowdfunding 360?

When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of television. One of my favorite shows was the A-Team, starring Mr. T and George Peppard who’s character used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” For those of us who’ve unfortunately had to grow up and live in the real world, … More →